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  • Bee Tagger

    Luckily, there are many careers a girl can have that are far more interesting than being a mere figurehead and furthering the outdated concept of a monarchy:

    Plutarchy is the new monarchy.

  • Bee Tagger

    Vaguely paying attention to Gen. Petraeus scandal,

    This administration keeps piling on the scandals. The media are like those hoarders I see on commercials during wedding shows on TLC that someone else in my house watches. Pretty soon they won’t be able to step around, crawl under, or plug their noses any longer to avoid the festering stench of corruption accumulating around them.

  • JW

    From the Counterpunch link: I understand that people of good will can come to a different conclusion, and feel that they must reluctantly choose one imperial-militarist-corporate faction over the other, in the belief that this will mean some slight mitigation of the potential evil that the other side commit if it took power.

    Let’s be clear about something: people who endorse this type of regime, knowingly or with malicious ignorance, with their vote are not “good.” That train left the station a long time ago.

  • Kay Kristie

    I keep noticing the same libertarians flitting from site to site, repeating the same things at every landing. Are there really only 27 libertarians in the world, and have they run out of material?

    • Bee Tagger

      It’s going to take a while for me to login 26 more times to create some sort of dialogue on this.

  • Lucy Steigerwald


  • Kay Kristie

    What this site needs is a gaggle of dedicated commentators who, unsatisfied with the links provided by the hostess, offer their own pathways to porn that we could never discover by ourselves, thus furnishing the means to a guilty worktime pleasure whilst contributing to the cementing of a stereotype.

    • Heroic Mulatto

      Shut up, Mary.

      • Bee Tagger

        All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

        • J’ai Une Marionnette

          Needs moar porn links,
          I am disappoint.
          Nothing else happened,
          Herp a derp derp.