fd3d8e72-7cd9-4d03-893a-bbaa852cc462-620x372Option one:

If You Looked at Renee Zellweger’s Plastic Surgery, You Need to See These Photos

Mic writer Eileen Shim gives a Renee Zellweger’s face click bait headline, then self-righteously shames you for daring to click on such an inconsequential story. You should care about Kurds fighting, space travel, etc.

You should care more about all those things, that real news, but somehow Shim’s presentation makes me want to go read TMZ like I never have before. Give me good, real news. Find a way for me to want it, if I don’t want it. But do not lecture me about news. And do not sneak it in like a dog owner hides a pill in peanut butter. If I wanted a filibuster about the importance of true journalism, I would watch The Newsroom.

Option two:

‘I don’t care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing’

Ponderous Verge writer Chris Plante cares not for science. He cares only for the fact that British rocket scientist Matt Taylor wore a garish, goofy “girly” shirt on television while discussing how he was going to (along with other scientists) put a God damned probe on a God damned comet.

Alright, Plante later admitted to being a bit excessive, yet cheered poor Taylor’s apology which came earlier today. Taylor might be a big old softy who was actually wounded at being accused of sexism. Or he was just bummed out that the gnats of the internet managed to swarm around and diminish his bad-ass day of SCIENCE. Certainly he had been experiencing some seriously keyed-up emotions and stress levels for several days. We don’t know exactly why he was so upset. We do know that Plante’s satisfaction was cold and creepy. And his conviction that the apology at least meant something good came of this was asinine. Yes, Taylor was bullied into an apology — that will teach him to never wear a quirky shirt designed by a rockabilly woman ever again. I am sure that means his eyes were opened about sexism.

Dear feminists, I may be more contrarian than average. But I strongly suspect I am not the only person completely repulsed by your petty myopia. I am not of the right, but you’re certainly not making liberalism or feminism anything I wish to be affiliated with.

Cream of the crop is option three:

‘Woman Gets Death Threats for Tweeting About Disliking A Dude’s Shirt’

This Jezebel post was so painfully wrong that a quick scan of the comments shows folks asking “uh, what death threats?” People were rude to the woman who originally expressed disgust over Taylor’s shirt. I especially dislike “kill yourself” as an internet insult — and it seems to be only gaining in popularity. But neither “kill yourself’ or “jump off a cliff” are death threats.

Not to mention, see the headline. See the fact that only the woman’s narrow focus is acceptable. She is allowed to be offended by a shirt, but the men aren’t allowed to be frustrated by the fact that someone is making a big deal out of a clothing choice. It may well be worse to experience sexism than to be accused of being a sexist. Yet, in order to accept that sexism is bad, men (or women) are not obligated to become prostrate at every accusation of it. They are allowed to fight back.

Death threats are garbage. Everyone should calm down about almost everything except the state. But try to actually include death threats in your piece which advertises that they occurred.

There are small issues to talk about in the world. I hate high heels. I wish women wouldn’t change their last names so often. But yet another thing that violates the sanctity of choose my choice feminism is how I wish that women (and their allies) would stop obsessing over and writing about things as small as a goofy shirt. Especially on a site which has expressed teenaged-style fawning over Barack Obama, while failing to mention his unfortunately less cute attributes like killing Pakistani children and spying on the media and public. Can we not go a little bigger than #shirtgate — without turning into the social good preaching of Mic? Can we not ever learn that powerful, arrogant people who feel as if they have a right to our lives are the enemy — not a badly dressed* British rocket scientist?

Or is it all about pageviews? Yeah, it is. Never mind.

[*11/15 edit: I think I like the shirt now, but it could just be spite. It’s very hard to tell.]

  • Azulia Zebleaux

    Oh. I kind of like the shirt. I thought it was some weird nudie lady thing, that lady looks like a badass space maven.

    I refuse to calm down about the Pirates.

    I liked this piece I did not mind reading about a shirt in the context of this piece.

    • http://thestagblog.com/ Lucy




  • Rob McMillin


  • strongerthandirt

    I thought the shirt was fine. My wife used to wear this Rocketeer t-shirt – it wore out from her wearing it so much. http://fogsmoviereviews.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/therocketeer1.jpg

    • http://thestagblog.com/ Lucy

      The Rocketeer is awesome.

    • Chris Bray


      I must go pour my outrage into a thousand Twitter rants.

    • Col. Harrumph

      The gag’s a nice touch, but the Mauser pistol’s a bit lame.

      • http://thestagblog.com/ Lucy

        I mean, the design is Bettie Page all the way. And Bettie Page — even if a certain type of woman worships her a little too much — had a wonderful knack for being nude, or bound and gagged, and either looking delighted to be there, or comically perturbed.

        The shirt would have been better with Bettie Page on it.

  • http://wizbangblog.com/ Adjoran

    They are absolutely lying about the death threats – unless they came from the 4Chan or Anonymous crowd. None of the Instapundit readers would do that.

    Of course, if there were death threats, let that ditzy cluck file a police report, we’ll trace the guy and see his internet history.

    The Social Justice Nazis are just bullies. Until they gain real power to punish those who disagreed, like on many college campuses these days.

  • VictorErimita

    Ok. It’s now Sunday. Enough of the Atlantic magazine’s little attention whore and her pile-on mob of gleeful internet trolls. Time to move on.

    • http://thestagblog.com/ Lucy

      Agreed it’s time to move on. I wouldn’t have cared about this story if it hadn’t sincerely bothered me, however.

  • Sol T. Knutts

    It’s so absurd. Surreal. Tell those faux feminists to piss off! Vapid motherfcukers!

    • Scott Anderson

      Actually… These ninnies are real feminists. If you’re into equality, you don’t need to label yourself.

      • http://thestagblog.com/ Lucy

        Feminism was essential once. I don’t know that it is necessary in the west anymore. I do know that liberalism feminists who swear that it just means equality between the sexisms never seem to say that if I mention being a libertarian.

      • Sol T. Knutts

        They are so idiotic!

  • EndOfPatience

    First time here.

    Won’t be the last.

    Good article.

    • http://thestagblog.com/ Lucy


  • InklingBooks

    Last night I watched a PBS special about the comet landing and noticed that, based on the number of times they interviewed him, Matt Taylor played a major role in the project. The guy clearly likes to dress outside the mainstream. In some he’s wearing cameo pants, not exactly scientist attire. And look at all those tattoos on his arms.

    But I also noticed that there were quite a few women involved in the project. women who didn’t at at all intimidated by the ESA.

    My hunch is that feminism, for all the nasty image it projects, attracts women who simply don’t have what it takes to succeed in life and who try to blame sexy t-shirts, beards, computer games or whatever for their failures instead.

    • http://ak4mc.us/ McGehee

      Feminism seeks to infantilize females by emasculating males.

      Which will leave the females vulnerable to what Lena Dunham did to her baby sister.

      • billyoblivion

        Feminism has *already* infantilized women, and is now trying to drag men down to their level and beat them with experience.

    • Harvard Fong

      “…not exactly scientist attire.”

      First, I’m not singling you out, and agree with what you say, but I’ve seen this phrase, or variants of it, all over this issue. The days of the lab-coated, black-tie, white shirt scientist is pretty much over. Scientists wear all kind of odd clothing too. I work at the California EPA, a place loaded with scientists (lab, field, research and otherwise) and Mr. Taylor’s shirt really would not have stood out very much here. You might still see the 50’s scientist look around NASA, but otherwise, not so much.

  • Rick Caird

    It is a lot of fun watch the SJW feminists to be taking the hits. These precious little snowflakes have no problem delivering hit, but just melt in the light when one comes their way. It is clear, they way to handle these people is to make their snark harder on them than on their target. It seems to be working.

  • bblackmoor

    Feminists couldn’t care less about some guy’s shirt, and feminists would never in a million years focus on what someone is wearing rather than their accomplishments. This whole “shirtstorm” thing is nothing more than an attention grab by the same dreary neo-puritans that have plagued the USA since the very beginning.

    • subotaibahadur

      The attacks on Taylor were base on claims of offended feminists’ sensibilities. The offense over the shirt is labelled openly as being based on “Feminism!” and accepted and promoted as such by the media. You say that “Feminists couldn’t care less about some guy’s shirt, and feminists would
      never in a million years focus on what someone is wearing rather than their accomplishments.”; and yet you don’t hear your version of Feminists screaming bloody murder at the perversion of their ideal. Therefore, they are in solidarity with the attacks.

      See how that works. The same rules for the Left as for the Right.

      Taylor’s choice of shirt was within the bounds of the law and acceptable taste, in that his body was covered and from what I saw there was far less female flesh exposed in the images on the shirt than on the TV shows made by …. Leftists. Taylor was not under any uniform regulations that I know of. He can wear whatever he wants within those bounds. He may or may not be criticized for taste, but he has not “oppressed” anybody or committed a hate crime.

      Modern Feminism as practiced in this country is all about narrowing both the law and freedom for everyone but themselves.

  • Jeremy Abrams

    It’s the deafening silence of feminism about the mass removal of clitorises in much of the Islamic world, and the treatment of women within that world, that is the real non-barking dog of feminism.

    They want their lattes and their complaints, but they don’t want their heads to be cut off.

    This could have been an era with a real, gutsy, global pro-woman movement, but that would have required physical courage, and a certain acknowledgement of the advantages women broadly enjoy in the Western/Modern world.

    Shirt-complaints are all that is really left, when you still have to fill up column space, and you won’t talk about the real abuses of women.

  • rbeccah

    “gnats of the internet”. Hah! I like that, and it is so accurate.