401977_820298143983_859526031_nOver at VICE, they’ve posted my second police column. It’s called “Bad Cop Blotter” (credit for the name goes to my excellent editor, Harry Cheadle, who also tends to write good stuff) and every Monday there will be another one. So if your life isn’t depressing enough, maybe keep reading.

Or just read if you want to see me fight the losing battle known as “trying not to just link to Radley Balko” all the time. I’ve done well so far, but the there are a lot of weeks, and a lot of amazing Balko pieces full of good stats. We’ll see how long I can keep this up.

If you spot any bad cop stories or videos, feel free to send them my way. (Actually, send me good cop stories, too! We have one or two of those a week, or plan to do so.) Links can be sent to LucyStag [at] gmail.com.

Thanks, internet!

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