•  My RT friend Andrew Blake is covering the Bradley Manning pre-trial. Check out his report.
  • Semi-good news in the Manning case — at least, the possibility of him actually getting out of jail at some point seems to have heightened. 
  • Wendy McElroy has a good piece, a few months old, on the what about the children question when you only believe in negative liberties. Sometimes anarchists are conflicted and confused, too. Even the super-kind like McElroy.
  • Heroic Tracy Oppenheimer-produced Reason TV piece on the National Registry of Exonerations, as well as a mother’s years-long fight to prove that her son wasn’t a robber. Scary.
  • Rand Paul threatens to filibuster the NDAA. Liking a senator feels so deviant, but let’s do this, Rand.
  • I get claustrophobia just looking at this. Is the Trunchbull the one who sends kids in there?
  • Cops as an institution are not good, but this guy is good. It’s a hell of a contrast between him and the officers who killed Kelly Thomas. But, also, this.
  • More women in libertarianism would be great, but I am not sure about this piece.
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  • http://profiles.google.com/joseph.inglish Joe Inglish

    The Rand link is actually the bottom link…