Self portraits 188Lucy Steigerwald: Sister; Contributing editor/columnist for; Work has appeared in:,,, Rare, Reason,, The Washington, The Daily Beast, The American Conservative, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, The Federalist, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh City Paper, Mt. Lebanon Magazine, Mic, Defending Dissent, Politix, and The Libertarian Standard. Has edited for New York Observer.

Has blabbed for Reason TV and WPTS Radio.

Former associate editor for Reason magazine; former writer of VICE’s Bad Cop Blotter column. Co-host of Free Association Podcast With Sheldon Richman, and host of Politics for People Who Hate Politics podcast, which is on hiatus a lot.

Interested in: journalism, blogging, poetry, libertarianism, politics, hating politics, policy, transportation, anarchism, feminism, Americana, nuclear war, the apocalypse, photography, music, travel, magazines, history, documentaries, weird America, fringe people, groups, and religions, crazy right-wingers, crazy left-wingers, conspiracy theories, war, rock and roll, punk rock, old time, country blues, blues, and country music, antiwar, activism, vintage stuff, antiques, vintage toys, dolls.

Things that get the rage up: war, prisons, the drug war, the state in general.

Future Home of Joe SteigerwaldJoe Steigerwald: Brother; Former intern for Newsbusters; creator of Steigerwald Post; webmaster/ publisher/managing editor of The Stag Blog; publisher and webmaster of Steigerwald Post; Truth About CharleyJust Watch the Game.

Graduate of Allegheny College with a useless degree in political science and a minor in writing. Builds websites sometimes. Moderately proficient in SEO, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Moderate Libertarian with no strong ideals. Will sell out (for money).

Bill Steigerwald: Father; former Pittsburgh Tribune-Review associate editor, book editor and op-ed columnist; reporter and columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and copy editor and third-string TV reviewer for the LA Times. His work has appeared in Reason, The American Conservative, Penthouse, Family Circle, and many of the best newspapers in the country. Author of Dogging Steinbeck: Discovering America and Exposing the Truth About ‘Travels With Charley’ and 30 Days a Black Man: The Forgotten Story That Exposed the Jim Crow South.

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  • Chewie TheChewmonster

    This one is a must for you:

  • Watosh

    I just read your article “The inherent awfulness of the New 9/11 Museum,” and it did my 83 year old heart good to know there are still Americans with perspective. I wince when I hear statements like were made during the recent Boston Marathon like, “This will show the world Boston can come back and is not cowed by the bombing a year before.” now the bombing was terrible, but for heaven’s sake what about what happens every night in Baghdad, or when a typhoon devastates some Asian country. We act if we are unique in being able to rise above any setback. we are so concerned with ourselves. Anyway thanks for the article, I wondered if I was alone in my attitude. And I think our government was lax. Once again our trillion dollar security state was caught by surprise, at the very least.

    • Lucy

      Thanks for reading, and for saying that!

      Writing such things, I always feel as if Antiwar readers will think I am being a softy, and the rest of the world will think me a callous monster. Glad to know it didn’t come off that way.

    • Yinmeng Liu

      Hello, I am a journalism student doing a story on Lucy’s website and the effectiveness of social media for journalists. Would it be okay if I talk to you? My email address is:

      • Watosh

        I would be happy to talk to you but when i tried to send an email to your address it told me that I couldn’t send to your email address with my server so I am unable to respond via email.

  • David

    How do I email the site?

    • Lucy Steigerwald

      LucyStag at gmail will do.


    Lucy: this comment is addressed to your post at about the war powers resolution. The Constitution gives to congress the sole authority to start wars. The president is the commander in chief of the military. So what happens if somebody attacks our country? Logically the president can order the military to defend this nation (which you would think would be a standing order), but it’s up to congress to decide whether to declare war. Presidents have always known that they have no authority to start a war. Further, congress has also known that they have no right to declare a war of aggression — to be the nation that starts a war against another country. So, for example, when Polk wanted to steal Texas and California, he sent the military to the border to provoke a confrontation with Mexico, which he could use to run to Congress and declare that Mexican has attacked the U.S., so congress could declare war.
    In World War I, the conflicts had nothing to do with the U.S. except that Wall Street had lots of investments in Europe they wanted protected. So how on earth did we end up in that war? Supposedly someone in the U.S. intercepted a message from Germany to Mexico telling Mexico to attack the U.S. and join Germany in the war. Absurdly far-fetched? Yes, but nonetheless that was the pretense used to justify going into that war.
    In World War II, of course, FDR wanted to join that war, but he could not — and Congress could not — because the president has no authority to take us into war, and Congress has no authority to wander the world and elect to join other people’s wars. That’s why they waited until Pearl Harbor.
    Vietnam: the U.S. sent patrol boats along the borders of North Vietnam, then claimed one of our boats had been fired upon, and that North Vietnam had attacked us, so we needed to defend ourselves. All untrue, but that’s the pretense they used.
    The War Powers Resolution was nothing more than a bullshit hand-smack from congress to the president saying the president has no authority to take us into war like he did in Vietnam. However, if necessary, then okay, he can take us into war. He just has to come back to congress and apologize, ask for permission after the fact, within 60 days or 90 days.
    The War Powers Resolution is unconstitutional because there is nothing in the constitution that says congress can delegate to anyone, including the president, the authority and responsibility given to congress in the constitution, which includes the sole authority to declare war.
    In modern times, the president no longer asks consent, and simply wages war around the world, using death squads at will, with no reporting or accountability to any branch of the government or to the people. These are all wars of aggression and are illegal under any circumstances. Iraq did not attack us. Neither did Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somali, or Syria. Today we hear Obama saying he’s already been waging war against ISIS for six months without congressional involvement, and now he wants to wage war against the entire world for at least 3 additional years. These are wars of aggression and are unconstitutional. ISIS has not attacked the U.S. Our constitution also limits congress to using taxes for the common defense and general welfare of the people of the U.S., not for the defense of people in Syria.
    What we need to do is repeal the war powers resolution and reiterate that the president has no authority to take us into wars, and that congress has no authority to take us into wars of aggression, or wars of choice, in which they jump into some other countries’ wars. Unless the people of the U.S. vote to join a war of choice, the government has no authority to steal our money and waste it in this manner.

    • Yinmeng Liu

      Hello, I am a journalism student doing a project on Lucy’s website. Would it be okay if I talk to you? My email address is:

  • Rose McConnell

    Lucy–I read your work on and am a fan. I am one of two lonely antiwar voices on community discussion group called They give a big microphone to the NYTimes and now Foreign Policy; so I gently called them on their bias and they have given me permission to invite other voices. You can post your own work there or respond to some of the Progressive, neo/con war mongering. Whatever. Their only caveat is that Libertarians and Conservatives don’t get to call Progessives’ names. They can (and do) call us “lunatics” nut jobs and terrorists. Sigh. Anyway, I have a day job and don’t even blog as a hobby; i.e. am completely overwhelmed attempting to respond to all the stuff they post and would love to have you as another voice. If your willing, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you a real evite.

  • Leland Mellott

    How many young men around this world are being trained to kill at all times? Wars, from their origins, are the murders of the sons by the fathers; as in: so few fathers murdering so many sons. (“Son, go over to that village and kill that man’s son. Otherwise, don’t come back alive.”)

  • HiltonCaldwell

    I’m extremely disappointed that you didn’t insist that you be able to cover Gary Johnson in your Playboy series. Oh well I guess when someone flashes the cash, principles go out the door.

    • Lucy Steigerwald

      My series was on how every major party candidate was terrible. I didn’t include Johnson. Think about the implications there.

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