Any excuse to post this, in the years to come.
  • Radley Balko’s Agitator blog is now hosted at the Huffington Post, so adjust your clicking accordingly.
  • Though my address bar is sad, at least this helped me learn that HuffPo’s 404 error involves crying Dawson, which I still find to be amazing.
  • I’ll always be on Monica’s side over Clinton’s…Even though the scandal taught this then-11-year-old homeschooler some new, exciting terms.
  • My new favorite facebook “like” — Weird Retro.
  • Maybe National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) lobbyists are the only sort who are not going to hell. And the NORML one is very excited about progress in the fight for legalization.
  • Government doesn’t just compete with private charities¬†inefficiency¬†and with your stolen money, it actually elbows them out.¬†Libertarians know this, lefties excuse it, right-wingers pretend it doesn’t happen, here in our free market paradise.
  • Hey, it’s my dad’s Steinbeck Kindle book, now with a much more legit-looking cover.
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  • BeverlyBrewmaster

    While I’m trying to stay optimistic about the Agitator’s move, my first (quite innocuous) comment has been in HuffPo moderator limbo for over an hour now. The times they are a-becoming quite different.

    • Lucy

      Ah, well, I hope that this is just because the movie is new? I mean, supposedly eventually we’ll still be able to type just again.