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  • bwi2ygrlc4ycuehzeek2Oh, here are some things I have written lately, like “Advocating For the Next War Means Forgetting History” for Antiwar. Also, my VICE piece — most successful ever, yes I watch the shiny clicks happens — on cops shooting people holding (non-firearm) weapons. Also, my new VICE piece — not nearly so successful — on the idea of feds fixing local cops. 
  • Hey, Dad‘s Dogging Steinbeck was reviewed in The Daily Caller! Best of all, reviewed by a creative nonfiction writer who uncomfortably concluded that Dad had a point with his Steinbeck annoyance. (Thanks, Jordan Bloom, for finding a worthy reviewer!)
  • Allah Pundit linked to me, other less important people, while musing on Rand Paul’s interventionism levels.
  • And hey, I ranted about the police on Saturday Night Cigar Lounge over at Vigilant Liberty Radio. (My segment starts at 33’45).
  • Here’s Pat Buchanan on ISIS, the why and the what to do
  • Headlines from the start of World War II (no offense, Manchuria).
  • Matt Welch gives Rand Paul credit on criminal justice reform — something he deserves, no matter what else happens.
  • Reminder that Jeff Mizanskey is serving life in prison without parole for marijuana-related crimes. This, unclever liberals and conservatives who say libertarians are just Republicans who want to smoke pot, is why we hate you when you say that.
  • Policy Mic writer confused that the decreasing threat of new gun regulations has lead to fewer sales of “assault” rifles. How is that surprising?
  • WTF, DHS
  • Oldie, but goodie: Cathy Young is reasonable and non-panicked in respect to the issue of online harassment. Violent threats are disturbing and should not be excused as just trolling, HOWEVER, if you read Jezebel, similar, you will see unqualified statements about the life of being a woman online being one of endless harassment. Knock on wood, but that has not ever been the case for me. Nor are these handful of disturbing stories acceptable proof that this problem is as widepsread as people are making it out to be. Again, people being told they will be raped and murder, not okay. Thankfully, it might be rarer than it seems.
  • This piece mentions the word “taxi” once — “What happens when the local taxi companies are destroyed[?]” Well, people in Pittsburgh might be able to get a ride somewhere, for one. Critique Uber all you like, but if you want me to take you remotely seriously, don’t use “hyper-capitalism” and try to have the slightest idea what you’re talking about in terms of transportation regulations. 
  • Also today in nope: Nope, Melissa Harris-Perry. Rand Paul deserves more criminal justice points than Obama. Sorry.
  • Nope, Taylor Swift is not obligated to do anything, or sing about anything. The world is always going to shit, which is exactly the reason some people like stupid songs about “haters.”
  • And nope, the ice bucket challenge isn’t bad because…uh…people in other countries are suffering. I don’t even know.
  • Here is a Guardian sentence: “If you see yourself as a left-leaning progressive parent, you might want to exercise some of that oppressive parental control and limit your kids exposure to the “freedom” expressed in YA dystopian fiction.” I see you reaching feebly for self-awareness, but it’s too late. Yes, stop the children from reading The Hunger Games. Katnis is such a horrible model for children, with her self-sacrifice, bravery, and desire to live without government oppressing her. Damn those books for suggesting that war is horrible — even wars of liberation — and may leave you with PTSD and a worse, or equally bad government. Ugh. I might need to write more on this topic, for the troll is strong.
  • I find Jerry Springer singing about Cincinnati sort of entrancing, yet disturbing. (H/T: Jesse Walker)
  • Empire Records is not a very good movie, and yet 1) I read this entire piece, 2) When my sister’s friend from Canada was visiting, the two of them watched the movie 2.75 times, and I watched it three times, and each time I was totally too young to know what was going on. 3) At least it’s not Reality Bites, because God damn that movie is the worst.
  • These are the vaccines you’re looking for.
  • Why Doctor Who gets us right in the gut.

Videos of the day:

John Doe and the Sadies cover Johnny Cash

Sam Quinn, whose music is so good, and so not very available to share with the people, does a version of “Peggy-O.” I wish I could share his live version of the Juicy Fruit jingle. It is truly inspired.

Today’s video is the Dead Kennedys playing the first of many of their updates to the classic “California Uber Alles”:

I’m assuming at this point Jello Biafra is back to singing about Jerry Brown. I mean, how could you resist that kind of circle?

Oh, bonus: The first part of one ancient Oprah with Jello Biafra, Tipper Gore, and angry British editor of Spin from 1986:

And another Oprah from 1990 with Tipper Gore, Jello Biafra, and a particularly insightful Ice-T. The whole things are so fascinating for so many different reasons. Also, Tipper Gore is the prissiest woman in the world.

She really is.

  • I also have this sweet new graphic.Taking full advantage of Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo’s genrous “write about whatever the hell you want” spirit, I wrote an anti-death penalty piece for It was originally supposed to have a bit stronger of a tie with war stuff, but that got away from me, Nevertheless, I don’t think it turned out so bad. Certainly not as bad as the commenters of Antiwar thought. Whoo boy.
  • Radley Balko wrote an excellent piece about why conservatives should be opposed to the death penalty. It’s like a way better version of my very first Reason piece back in the day.
  • Over at the Daily Caller, Chris Morgan wrote a very biting piece on how America’s death penalty is how you know it’s a great country.
  • And if you have never read it, I highly recommend checking out the New Yorker piece on the tragedy of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed for killing his three children by burning down his own house. At this point, we can safely say he didn’t do it. (No matter how chill Rick Perry gets about weed — because it’s now trendy — he’s got Willingham’s blood on his hands, if nothing else.)
  • Also, Balko has a further point:


  • I wrote another thing, for Rare, about a handful of the creepy, anti-homeless measures passed in various states and cities across the US, as well as liberals’ commendable dislike of these measures, and their frustrating inability to take that to its proper conclusion.
  • Politico mag surveyed the White House Press Corps, and I am not impressed.
  • Hashtagnerdprom is coming up! That makes it the perfect time to read my tale of attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2012. My one regret is that I let the one Denver Post dude shame me into standing for a hot minute. I did not clap, at least. In fact, I have not clapped for Obama AND Bush. How bipartisan am I?!
  • Mediaite ed-in-chief/friend Andrew Kirell is sassy and mocks some of the morons of Sean Hannity’s weed panel (biggest panel ever, am I right?). I share Kirell’s delight in the fact that several panelists laugh in Todd Starnes’ face when he starts hand-writing about morality and weed overdoses, or something.
  • I recently watched this entire video, because I adore Tavi Gevinson. It’s basically turtles all the way down, because liking Tavi Gevinson is sort of mainstream, but borderline hipster danger territory. But as Ms. Gevinson has mused on often, over-thinking about whether what you like is what you like because you like it gets boring after a while. Gevinson is great, because she is all about the things you love being a kind of totem to hold tight to when the world gets a bit dodgy. And being a cool teen herself, she helped me accept that I am listening to Townes van Zandt right now, I listened to Taylor Swift yesterday, and it’s going to be okay. It will be.

  • Speaking of which:

(No, I am not emotionally prepared to share which Taylor Swift songs I enjoy. Give me time, people. Give me time.)

Today’s video:

Old Crow Medicine Show playing “Sewanee Mountain Catfight” off of their most recent album. This is a ridiculous song that sets my toes tapping. The killer fiddle helps. Fiddle usually does.


  • Ibragim Todashev, acquaintance of the Boston bombing suspects, was definitely unarmed when the FBI fatally shot him during an interrogation on May 22.  Sometimes I worry that the FBI is trolling conspiracy theorists with this kind of bullshit. Or there could be more along the lines of the Federal Bureau of Instigation (dad is trying to make that happen) with Boston than anyone, even libertarians, would like. We’ll see….hopefully. All I know is that this story — along with the Obama administration’s arrogant refusal to prove that Bin Laden died as they said he did — raises my Alex Jones-type hackles, which makes me feel like a lunatic. And libertarians don’t need that, you know?
  • Eric Holder’s attempts to hold an off-the-record meeting with journalists about the AG’s spying debacle have hit a snag. Namely, The AP, The New York Times, and Huffington Post are not interested in attending any such meeting. POLITICO (why must I shout that?), The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post still plan to attend while vaguely suggesting that things should be on the record. Most… transparent…administration…you know the joke by now.
  • The Daily Kos’s obsessive delusions about what Libertopia would resemble rival Balloon Juice at the height of its weirdly vindictive we-hate-Nick-Gillespie phase. I am mostly linking as an excuse to use the above image, however.
  • New game app shows the impossibility of stopping the drug war — intriguing. 
  • I recently skimmed “Eichmann in Jerusalem , though it didn’t take right then. Nevertheless, the new movie about Hannah Ardent and Eichmann’s trial sounds entirely up my alley.
  • Hamilton Nolan of Gawker remains one of my very favorite horrible commies. Today — and read with caution — he wrote a post called “The Story of One Prison Rape, In an Inmate’s Own Words.” It’s not particularly graphic, but it’s just so terribly sad. File this, and the scores of thousands of other unreported prison rapes, under Reason‘s apt summation of the criminal justice system — “America’s National Disgrace.”
  • Women lose Japanese lawsuit in which they sued to keep their own names after marriage. In Japan, a married couple must have the same name, so “naturally” 96 percent of unions make that the man’s name.  Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams reminds superior Americans that a poll from 2009 reported that roughly half of them thought that women should be required to take the man’s name after marriage. In the (slightly paraphrased at this point) words of an unnamed person, when I asked him if he wanted his wife to change her name, “No. That’s the name she had when I feel in love with her.” BAM.
  • But also, Dick Clark points out that that 50 percent stat is kinda bullshit! Phew!
  • The age we live in: “A Girl Used a Horse_ebooks Tweet as Her Yearbook Quote”. [H/T: Cynthia Bell]. The popularity of @Horse_ebooks — and the weird art this nonsense twitter feed has inspired — makes me love the internet even more. People are so silly, and it’s wonderful.
  • “Grrrl, let’s go lunting all night long” [H/T: Katie Maloney]
  • Captain Picard was always my captain.
  • As the kids say, “I loled.”

Today’s video:

Sam Quinn and Japan 10 playing “I Can’t Sleep.” Friend Steve and I listened to Quinn’s album endlessly while driving from Richmond to Nashville last week. Good, mellow, kind of sad country.

  • Some more people were droned in Pakistan today, including the alleged Pakistani Taliban number 2, the man supposedly somewhat responsible for the 2009 suicide attack on a Afghanistan CIA compound (as seen in Zero Dark Thirty). He also had a big old bounty on his head.
  • The American Conservative is okay with Rand Paul’s cautiousness about liberty.
  • Jury selection to start in the trial of the officer who allegedly shot and killed seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones during a SWAT raid three years ago. Good that the cop is being tried, but the amount of passive voice in the first few grafs of this story is alarming. For example: “[Officer Joseph] Weekley, charged with involuntary manslaughter, is accused of acting with gross negligence when he didn’t prevent his gun from firing during the chaos that followed the use of a “flash-bang” device.” Guns are sneaky the way they just go off if you don’t prevent them.
  • VICE’s Harry Cheadle on Rich Paul, the staggeringly principled man sentenced to 81 years for selling pot.
  • Larry King moving to RT, RT to become less credible.
  • Man who was overweight and asthmatic dies after police taze him at least twice during a drug raid. Police found no cocaine in the house, but at least they killed someone!
  • If you missed it, here’s the Memorial Day piece I wrote for Antiwar.
  • And here’s the radio interview I did with Traces of Reality: we talked about MOVE, Waco, drones, Rand Paul, and other stuff.
  • The Daily Caller offers up the “Top 10 Hottest Civil War Reenactors” and you know what, if they’re going to be trashy and inane, this is the way to do it.
  • Patriotic fauxrage and Adam Levine: two things I don’t care about, together at last.
  • The Daily Kos is the stupidest fucking website in the entire world.
  • My former office nook-mate (that doesn’t sound right, the point is that he sat next to me) Mike Riggs will be on Red Eye tomorrow night (not this 3 a.m., but the one that comes after that — technically Friday). I am excited about this prospect, you should be as well.

Today’s video: Currently listening to a lot of Pokey LaFarge, who didn’t click (in spite of many of my Old Crow fan buddies suggesting him) until I saw him and his band kill it last New Year’s Eve while opening for Old Crow at the Ryman. They almost overshadowed Old Crow, and only Shovels and Rope were a more impressive opening band whose songs I didn’t know.

Also, I have to wonder, could anybody who looks like Pokey not become an old timey musician? Dude does not look of this era.