• Ibragim Todashev, acquaintance of the Boston bombing suspects, was definitely unarmed when the FBI fatally shot him during an interrogation on May 22.  Sometimes I worry that the FBI is trolling conspiracy theorists with this kind of bullshit. Or there could be more along the lines of the Federal Bureau of Instigation (dad is trying to make that happen) with Boston than anyone, even libertarians, would like. We’ll see….hopefully. All I know is that this story — along with the Obama administration’s arrogant refusal to prove that Bin Laden died as they said he did — raises my Alex Jones-type hackles, which makes me feel like a lunatic. And libertarians don’t need that, you know?
  • Eric Holder’s attempts to hold an off-the-record meeting with journalists about the AG’s spying debacle have hit a snag. Namely, The AP, The New York Times, and Huffington Post are not interested in attending any such meeting. POLITICO (why must I shout that?), The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post still plan to attend while vaguely suggesting that things should be on the record. Most… transparent…administration…you know the joke by now.
  • The Daily Kos’s obsessive delusions about what Libertopia would resemble rival Balloon Juice at the height of its weirdly vindictive we-hate-Nick-Gillespie phase. I am mostly linking as an excuse to use the above image, however.
  • New game app shows the impossibility of stopping the drug war — intriguing. 
  • I recently skimmed “Eichmann in Jerusalem , though it didn’t take right then. Nevertheless, the new movie about Hannah Ardent and Eichmann’s trial sounds entirely up my alley.
  • Hamilton Nolan of Gawker remains one of my very favorite horrible commies. Today — and read with caution — he wrote a post called “The Story of One Prison Rape, In an Inmate’s Own Words.” It’s not particularly graphic, but it’s just so terribly sad. File this, and the scores of thousands of other unreported prison rapes, under Reason‘s apt summation of the criminal justice system — “America’s National Disgrace.”
  • Women lose Japanese lawsuit in which they sued to keep their own names after marriage. In Japan, a married couple must have the same name, so “naturally” 96 percent of unions make that the man’s name.  Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams reminds superior Americans that a poll from 2009 reported that roughly half of them thought that women should be required to take the man’s name after marriage. In the (slightly paraphrased at this point) words of an unnamed person, when I asked him if he wanted his wife to change her name, “No. That’s the name she had when I feel in love with her.” BAM.
  • But also, Dick Clark points out that that 50 percent stat is kinda bullshit! Phew!
  • The age we live in: “A Girl Used a Horse_ebooks Tweet as Her Yearbook Quote”. [H/T: Cynthia Bell]. The popularity of @Horse_ebooks — and the weird art this nonsense twitter feed has inspired — makes me love the internet even more. People are so silly, and it’s wonderful.
  • “Grrrl, let’s go lunting all night long” [H/T: Katie Maloney]
  • Captain Picard was always my captain.
  • As the kids say, “I loled.”

Today’s video:

Sam Quinn and Japan 10 playing “I Can’t Sleep.” Friend Steve and I listened to Quinn’s album endlessly while driving from Richmond to Nashville last week. Good, mellow, kind of sad country.

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